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5 Shared Traits Among Elite Performers

I wrote this post for my good friend Jacob who graciously agreed to publish it for me. He’s a fantastic writer and it would be worth your time to check out some of his great essays at jacobjolibois.com.

The Basics of SCADA Troubleshooting

Published by Water Online, the content was submitted for the portion of their publication dedicated to the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturer’s Association. The post is based on my field service experience with troubleshooting data systems.


Blog Posts for Revere Control Systems

Plant Modernization in the Wood Products Industry

Understanding Your SCADA System Components

Four Steps of Basic SCADA Troubleshooting

Energy Neutrality for Wastewater Treatment Plants Within Reach

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Using Automation to Improve Energy Efficiency

Custom RTUs vs. Packaged Controllers: 3 Important Questions

Increasing Municipal Project Value Through Alternative Delivery

Three Ways to Maximize Value in Your Automation Project


Marketing Content

FEED+ Study: Underplanned and Over Budget; Ever Been There?

This White Paper was published by Revere Control Systems to educate readers on a particular service offered.

“White Papers address specific industry issues and technologies, sharing our expertise on the subjects and hopefully providing new insight to readers.” – Revere Website

PLC5 Modernization Flyer

This flyer and content were developed to showcase a new program being rolled out by Revere Control Systems. The program seeks to add value by providing a clear path to modernization of an outdated control system for customers.

Newspaper Advertisement

This direct-response pieces generated hundreds of responses after running in a couple of local newspapers for two weeks (the email was sent to the incumbents). The results were meetings with 50 prospects representing a total of 40 companies after the initial phone screening which generated over $60,000 in cost savings over the life of the two-year contracts.


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