Servant Leaders

“Let the leader among you become one who serves.” – Jesus, Luke 22

Our society has a very twisted view about what leadership looks like. We see leaders as people who stand out from the crowd. They constantly outperform and outdo their peers. They outwork those around them. None of these are inherently bad qualities until we separate them from what a leader really is, first and foremost: a servant.

“You can have everything in life you want if you’ll help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

The concept and execution aren’t difficult. Find someone you can help today. Cooped up in an office all day? Buy a “thank you” note on your way home from work and resolve to put it written and addressed to someone tomorrow morning. Encouragement and appreciation are two things that all people want. Pass it on when you receive it and, even if you don’t, take time to show others that they are valuable and mean something to you.

Being a servant leader is about looking past what you want and focusing on others. Is it karma that makes this whole concept work in your favor? Not at all. Serving others makes you into a better and more humble person – the kind that people are willing to follow.

Be creative in finding ways to serve (volunteer, make breakfast for your spouse, give of your time and financial resources, etc.) The list is endless – you should have no trouble finding ways to help out. Here’s one. Here’s another. Go get to serving.

– Andrew


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