3 Reasons to Start a Blog

It seems like, every time I turn around, a new blog has posted something I am interested in or an entirely new blog has been created. For the longest time, my thought was, “What’s the big deal?” I was never in to writing in high school and, for some reason, the whole “xanga” phase missed me.

On top of my lack of interests, there were also hesitations. I began to think about all of the blogs I knew of that only had a few subscribers or posts that were not considered “high-traffic”. Doubts immediately fill my head about the interest in my posts, the solidification of anything on the internet, and the work required to keep up a successful blog. The idea has been dismissed time and time again (without much difficulty).

At the risk of stating the obvious, you are reading a blog post from yours truly. What changed? There were several supporting factors that inspired the creation of this blog. Besides the fact that it just makes you into a better person, here’s why you should start one too.

Skill Development

As I mentioned previously, I was never really that excited about writing in high school. But through competitive speech and debate, I quickly grew to enjoy the art of communication. Being able to verbally inform, persuade, and motivate an audience really excited me. I also met my lovely wife through speech and debate so you could say that I came out with a great deal more than a sharpened tongue.

I was able to take the same communication skills with me to college. In my English and technical writing courses, those skills proved to be invaluable. Blogging is a way to continually improve my communication abilities and sharpen my mind in the process.

Creative Mindset

One of the greatest gifts that God gave to man is the mind. It controls actions, abilities, talent, and dedication. My dad always said, “You can do anything you set your mind to.” I can honestly say that, until I began making the effort a few years ago to sharpen my mind, I never really understood or appreciated the magnitude of that statement. Blogging forces me to constantly think and work my brain to think creatively. It also allows an outlet for my creativity that does not come from music, exercise, or other hobbies.

Professional Development

I work hard to constantly better myself. Writing and thinking at a creative level were both areas that I knew were not being constantly challenged. I needed something that would effectively put these attributes to work. I honestly believe that the sharpening of these skills will spill over into my job and the rest of my life. Challenging myself is the best way to grow into a better professional tomorrow.

Just remember that perfection is your enemy when it comes to blogging. The challenge of posting and actually doing it are what contribute most effectively to these reasons. Being a perfect editor is a fantastic skill and ability. But if you let the need to create a perfect post keep you from actually posting it, you’re not going to get much out of it at all. Once you’ve started your blog, shoot me an email. I’d be honored to be your first subscriber.

– Andrew


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